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Fundamental Principle

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Fundamental Principle

1. Customers’delight is our delight.
1. Judge and act sincerely.
1. Contribute to our company to improve ourselves.

Customers’delight is our delight.
This principle is from Buddhism wisdom. Customers’ delight is our delight. Our success is based on customers’ satisfaction to us. We hope our employees can comprehend this principle and act according to it.

Judge and act sincerely.
The name True House is certainly from the word True. We should be true not only to others, but also to ourselves. This is very important. Never lie to ourselves. We believe that people who are true to themselves can make delicious ramen and can sever customers well.

Contribute to our company to improve ourselves.
One can only contribute to his company when he is excellent enough. So we think employees are much more important than company. We cherish our employees. The cooperation between employees can create greatness. A great company can provide the most opportunities for its employees to live a happy life. This is the responsibility of the company.

I hope every employee, no matter in Japan or in other countries, can hold his or her happiness while working in True House.

At last, my specific goal is to set up 100 restaurants both in domestic and overseas before 2020 with the annual turnover up to 7 billion yen. We provide our customers with our ramen and commitment.

Representative Director: Masashi Kasai